A for Al-Zurich (Quito, Ecuador)

Al-Zurich 2010


Al-Zurich Encuentro Internacional de Arte Urbano is a project initiated by the collective Tranvia Cero in 2007. The project appears in response to the social and cultural contrast within the city of Quito, particularly in the imaginary division created between the north and south part of the city. The project is focused in an inclusive and artistic approach positioning the community as an active actor. Mainly, Al-Zurich works with neighborhoods at the periphery of the city, and looks for alternatives that upraise the traditions, history, memories of the place, and generate spaces that foster the relation between the neighbors and empower the identity and meaning of the place. The collective approach to the neighborhoods as individuals willing to being part of the community meetings and be able to appreciate the reality of the place (Muñoz, 2011). “El Paseo de la Fama” is a particular example of the Al-Zurich developed in 2007. The intervention was made in the Mexico neighborhood located at the south of Quito. The purpose of the project was to change the perspective of the symbolic use of the main square within the neighborhood, and promote it as a space of mutual recognition and appropriation. The project involved the creation of stars similar to the Hollywood Walk of fame, in this case, the people of the neighborhood, men, women, children where the famous actors who left a mark. Mexico neighborhood empowered by show to the rest of the community their memories and they realized the importance of being a community.


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