C for Community Organizations Development Institute (CODI) in Thailand

Community Organizations Development Institute


CODI is a government agency in Thailand formed in 2000 when the Urban Community Development (UCDO) merged with the Rural Development Fund. UCDO was responsible for the successful program that gave assistance to organized communities through small grants, loans, and community welfare grants.  These organized communities then created a network of communities that managed their own loans, hence the decision-making process was made closer to individual communities. CODI continues to support the UCDO-initiated programs. However, CODI is different in a way that it has its own legal entity as a public organization, while UCDO had been under the umbrella of the National Housing Authority. Because of this structure, CODI is able to apply for funds to the annual government budget, have greater flexibility, wider linkages and new possibilities for supporting collaboration between urban and rural groups.

CODI is responsible for the implementation of the successful Baan Mankong Collective Housing Program, which addresses housing improvement, land tenure security, and infrastructure development and places the slum communities at the center of the upgrading process. In this housing program, the poor communities work in close collaboration with their local governments, professionals, universities and NGOs to survey all the communities in their cities and then plan an upgrading process which attempts to improve all communities in that city within a few years. Baan Mankong has been successful because of the commitment of the central government of Thailand to allow people to be the core actors and to decentralize the solution-finding process to cities and communities.



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