F for Family Housing

Programa de Vivienda Popular
This incremental housing programme, developed by the community-based organisation UCISV-VER, combines resources from participating families with traditional joint savings schemes and micro-credit to help families who have no access to formal credit build new homes or improve their existing accommodation.

The construction process is phased to avoid families becoming financially overstretched. Families are involved in the design process of their homes and training is provided in self-help construction methods. The consolidation of community organisation and solidarity, the empowerment of women and development of savings capacity are important elements of this well-established programme that has to date funded the construction and/or improvement of 684 homes in the state of Veracruz.

The programme aims to:

  • promote urban development in the low-income areas in Veracruz through the social production of housing.
  • consolidate community organisation, savings capacity and solidarity, particularly among women.
  • generate economic sustainability for the social production of housing processes.
  • participate in the development of public policies related to the social production of housing for low-income groups.

Construction training skills have enabled some of the population to earn an improved living in the construction trade. Micro-loans are provided by the programme to support small business enterprises. The programme activates the savings and investment capacity of low-income families. There are no other sources of housing credit for these families, so this programme represents their only opportunity to have an affordable and good quality home. Training and awareness raising programmes have served to increase the co-operation in local communities. The project has resulted in political awareness raising and managerial expertise being developed through involvement in the governance of the organisation. Women have demonstrated their capacity for organisation and administration and their participation has been consistent.

Ladrillo a ladrillo from UCISV-Pobladores on Vimeo.

Further information:
World Habitat Awards: Programa de Vivienda Popular
Ucisv-Pobladores A.C.
Visita a Pobladores A.C.


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