G for Grassroots Movement


Grassroots movements are initiatives coming from the local community level that intend to achieve a certain goal consequently causing a considerable political change. Grassroots movements are created in a spontaneous way and “FROM SCRATCH” apart from the traditional political power structures that movements are conventionally formed. It is conformed mainly by volunteers and community members, but their achievements and implications generate significant changes in the LARGE SCALE (regional and national and international level).



From grassroots to large-scale transformations!


  • Local meetings.
  • Public protests and demonstration.
  • Collection of signatures for a specific petition.
  • Mobilization of campaigns.
  • Fund-raising for different events or projects.
  • Information tables
  • Workshops
  • The use of letters, phone calls, internet, door-to-door invitations and video released.


The possibility of being heard and influential in social transformations


Landless Workers Movement (MST)

Landless Workers Movement in Brazil (Movimento dos Trabalhadores Ruais Sem Terra) or MST was born as a grassroots initiative for just land distribution. This movement that was formed in 1984 seeks rural land reform, in which the working class could occupy rural land and make it productive. The aims kept until today are: identifying and settling on underutilized land, acknowledging legal land title for the working rural class, and assuring its productivity.

Official Webpage:


Oficial Videos:

Further reading:


Additional Examples:

Occupy Movement 



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