O for Occupy Movement

We are the 99%! This is what over 10,000 citizens in the Occupy Wall Street in New York yelled and started the whole Occupy Movement. The Occupy Movement has taken place in over 700 cities around the world and gathered thousands of citizens to demand a change of a system that is influenced by a concentrated profit.


The Occupy Movement is related with the idea of participation because behind the statement “ we are the 99%,” there is an argument of the vast power of the 1% of the population with huge economical and political means. Therefore, the 99% have only the power of bringing people to the public space and demand a change. The Occupy Movement is an interesting expression of participation with values of mutual collaboration and solidarity. However, the Occupy Movement has been criticized by a lack of consensus on specific demands and the capacity of the Movement to translate the protest into real and critical changes in the system in benefit of the 99%.


What is going to be the evolution of the Occupy Movement and its transcendence in improvements to the lives of the 99%?



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