R for Relocation

Mumbai Airport Slum:

It started when the developers built the Mumbai International Airport without taking into consideration the current residents living there. In the first stage of planning the developers didn’t include the residents’ opinions, the problem appeared later on. When the residents are being considered as the obstacle against development.

The government takes the decision of starting the airport expansion and relocates the inhabitants. The 110-hectare area that contained around 85,000 households belong to the national airport authority, which situated next to the new Mumbai’s international airport.


Because of lack of participation, the result wasn’t satisfying. in the first phase, when people started moving they discovered that the new buildings are not suitable for them and they found themselves unemployed , and all the changes didn’t meet their needs. With the experience, the rest of the families are resisting to be relocated to the new place and also consent the new airport expansion project. In order to influence the rest of the residents, the government created a notion of terrorism in the slum area. And the government talked about cleaning the slums secluding the airport runways. The developer company, HDIL, started to make a statement of the project succession of creating a better life for the citizen, by what they called “rehabilitation”. This rehabilitation is a disguise to a simple relocation attempt. While the promising houses are not meet their needs, people resist to be allocated there. It is not simply moving people to a new house, but resettlement in new neighbourhood also changes social life of the people.


Development process should take in consideration the social life, because when urban developers take the decision of demolishing they are not only demolish the neighborhood they also demolish a community. And to solve this problem we need a high level of participation. And as we saw in the videos people will be supportive to the development but they need better options which improve their lives. Development and participation should happen in the same time, and hand-in-hand.





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