T for Think-Tank

Think Tank

“Think tanks are people who are paid

to think by people who build tanks.”

[Rahul Gandhi]


Organization which main focus is to research and generate proposals and different approaches to specific topics, such as social or economic policy, culture, science, technology, military, environment.

While mostly think tanks are non-profit organization, some are funded by governments, political parties, advocacy groups and private companies. Some think tanks also generate revenue by selling their knowledge in order to finance their structure.

More than 5.000 think tanks exist around the world, but they produce research which is in most cases not shared to the public.

The initiative ‘On think tanks exchange‘ encourages the gather of think tanks around the world over a period of two years in virtual and face-to -face meetings in order to share knowledge, disseminate information and relate topics in order to extract global conclusions.

Involve Foundation is a leading UK think tank non-profit financed and focused on public participation. Their main publications address important subjects of public participation. An important discussed topic is the influence of media and social networks to encourage participation, mostly in the politic life.

Key Publications


People and Participation– Involve’s flagship publication, providing a comprehensive overview of what participation is and why it is done. It analyses a wide variety of popular methods for participation and provides case studies.


Making a Difference – This guide to evaluating public participation is intended to help those involved in planning, organising or funding these activities to understand the different factors involved in creating effective public participation.


Democratic Technologies? – This report documents the progress of six projects that have sought to engage the public in discussions about the governance and development of nanotechnologies.


Healthy Democracy – This is a collaboration between Involve and the NHS Centre for Involvement containing new thinking and analysis from leading thinkers on patient and public involvement in health.


Post Party Politics – An anthology outlining key challenges in reconnecting people and institutions in the 21st century.


Not Another Consultation – This guide enables practitioners to design and run active and exciting forms of engagement that allow participants to drop in and out and is ideally suited to the needs of diverse communities



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