V for Values (local)

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One of the Virtuous objectives of public participation methods is to recognise particular Values, unique to a place. These Values can be manifested in Various forms including built/physical/structural, social, political and cultural. In participatory processes, it is Vital to ensure that methods are also based on Values that encourage the learning and understanding of cultural heritages, local knowledge, livelihoods, beliefs and practices in a specific context. Further, it is highly Valid to adopt sensitivity, adaptability and awareness to individual, group or regional local Values and practices that may arise throughout the collaborative activities. Additionally, it is Valuable to pay attention to differing, conflicting or key Value dynamics in order to facilitate Vigorous and responsive practice that relates to the context and thus, when necessary, provide improved social cohesion between Varied stakeholder groups.

The following video is an exemplar of a project in the province of Manabi, Puerto Cabuyal in Ecuador, where a school was built by a local NGO. The project was initiated by the community and through collaboration, it was designed and constructed to meet their needs.

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