W for Women’s Participation in Land Governance

In 2012 the CNN anchor FareedZacharia, in his Harvard University commencement speech  sound the clarion call for an increase participation of women from the Villages in Africa to the small boardrooms in America. This is because we live in an era where the international order has been reshaped towards inclusion women and destruction of myths that belongs to the mad men episode, because when women succeed the world succeeds.

Universally and Africa in particular the critical role of women in development cannot be overemphasized simply because over the last decades women have played pivotal roles in Agriculture and the self-help housing projects.

Pics for Nisha 2


Unfortunately in large parts of Africa,Men have exercised undue power over women and denied women access to politics and Land as in the case of Madam Abiba Suleiman in Sierra Leone. This inhumane deprivation of women of the right to participate in developments projects is devastating because women are actually custodians of the home and main carriers of that sacred task to prepare humanity for the next generation. Enhancing women participation does not only to foster social justice but also a landmark initiative to reduce poverty.
In order to shift the paradigmtoward inclusiveness and deprive cosmetic participation of women in land governance the following actions among others should be pursued:
• Women should be granted title to land without preconditions.
• Women should participate in small or large scale developments projects in their communities
• Women should be granted access to wide range of financial loans and grants
• Removal of legal restriction and traditional barriers and the creation of a level playing field for all gender.
In conclusion participation of women in developments from slum upgrading to Agricultural project will not only contribute to the Habitat Agenda for women but will lever millions of people from poverty and usher in prosperity to flourish in the world at large.


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