A for Active Citizenship

A for Al-Zurich (Quito, Ecuador)

B for Participatory Budgeting

C for Community Land Trust

C for Community Organizations Development Institute (CODI) in Thailand

C for Conflict Resolution

D for Dissemination of information

E for Empowerment

F for Focus Groups

G for Grassroots Movement

G for G.U.L.F.

H for Heterotopic Space

I for Inclusive Cities

J for Justice

K for Kitale

L for Local Planning Process

M is for Manifesto

M for Movement

N for Net-Map

O for Occupy Movement

P for Participatory Mapping

P for Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation (PM&E)

O for Orangi Pilot Project

R for Resilience

S for Slum Upgrading

T for Tales of Shit

T for Think-Tank

U for Utopic Space

V for Values (local)

W for WIPNET (Women in peace building network, Liberia)

W for Women’s Participation in Land Governance

X for Xperience


Z for Zero-Sum Concept


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